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Vertoond op het 10e filmfestival Rotterdam in 1981, als onderdeel van een pakket Georgische films. De distributietak van het festival bracht de film uit in de Nederlandse filmtheaters.

Een jaar later werd Pastorale ook vertoond op de Berlinale en door de internationale filmpers uitverkoren voor hun FIPRESCI Prijs.

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Pastorale, USSR/Georgië 1975. Otar Iosseliani.
See also:
  • Morelli, G. (2007) ‘Et in Arcadia adhuc: Observations on the Continuing Evolution of the ‘Pastoral Idea’, in: Buccirarelli, M & B. Joneus (eds.) Music as Social and Cultural Practice: Essays in honour of Reinhardt Strohm. Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, pp. 391-413.
Retrospective at Arsenal Berlin, March 2012: PASTORALI (The Summer in the Country, USSR 1975) – A quartet from the city spends a summer in a village. A family rents out an attic room to them and the children are drawn to the musicians. Iosseliani tells this story without lifting the pretense of the narration, multiplies it and brings in all kinds of new beginnings of other stories. “A film of dreamily beautiful black & white faces and the sounds of folk instruments, with animal sounds instead of dialogue, and patient, almost silent sequences of characters going after their daily chores rather than any driving plot-line.” (Ilya Grigorev). Source: