Peter Bosma


Peter Bosma (1960) studeerde Nederlands en Theaterwetenschap aan de Universiteit Utrecht.
Hij heeft een brede ervaring als docent in het hoger onderwijs. Daarnaast is hij zelfstandig publicist, onderzoeker en filmprogrammeur.


Peter Bosma,  free-lance programmer, researcher, lecturer Film Studies

Peter Bosma (1960) studied Dutch Literature and Film Studies at the University of Utrecht. After his graduation in 1986 he initiated and coordinated the Open University Introduction Course to Film Studies. His fascination with film art led him to joining the rows of professionals of cinema exhibition as a co-filmprogrammer of arthouse cinema LantarenVenster (Rotterdam), a position which he held for twenty years. He focused on presenting film heritage, especially silent films. Eventually he returned to teaching film history and film analysis at art academies and cultural management.

As freelance researcher he is eager to explore the new possibilities of digital projection. His professional experience covers three different domains: Film Exhibition (to organize special programs in a cinema); Higher Education (to lecture on film history and its institutional context; reflection on arts management and marketing); Research on subjects as the practice of cinema exhibition and the presentation of film heritage, exploration of the range of cinema art and its critical discourse (especially making meaning of the high lights of silent cinema).

Photo credit: Maryam Afshar Lahoori

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·       Bosma, Peter (2014) ‘Digitalisering en interactieve archivering van teksten rondom het International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)’, unpublished paper, pitched at the KNAW conference ‘Publiek-private projecten en financieringskansen Creatieve Industrie voor Cultural Heritage’, held in Amsterdam.
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